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Treadmill Hill and Incline Workouts to Lose Weight

Written by erinhill

If you need to drop pounds without using complicated machinery or making the drive to an exercise class, you may have considered buying your basic run of the mill treadmill. It’s one of the most popular workout devices ever created. Even as new equipment is introduced and the latest and greatest exercise crazes sweep the nation, the treadmill still remains. There is a good reason for that fact: treadmill exercises work. They have even greater effects when you use the hill and incline options, since you get greater resistance to help build muscle and burn more calories.

One of the best aspects of using a treadmill is that you can customize your workout to fit your needs. Start by keeping it on the slowest setting and on “flat terrain” and then work your way up to steeper inclines. You can also alternate the incline throughout a single workout, since studies have shown that exercising in cycles like this could burn more calories than keeping it at the same intensity the entire time.

Using your treadmill’s hill and incline options is also handy if you live in an area with few hills. After awhile, walking outdoors would become too easy and your weight loss would plateau. With a treadmill, you can continuously come up with new combination and keep striving for harder workouts as you go along. There is also no worries about inclement weather because your exercise equipment is right there in your living room.

The most important thing to remember when using your treadmill to lose weight, however, is that you DO have to use it. Having a treadmill and walking on a treadmill are two entirely different things. You must use it to your full advantage in order for it to be effective. Try all the different settings it has, and mix them up until you find a workout routine that leaves you feeling tired but rejuvenated. You can also find DVDs or books on working out with a treadmill to find exact step by step instructions on using the features your machine has to your best advantage.

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