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Fun Cardio Ideas and Tips

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Most people know that cardiovascular exercise is great for a number of reasons. Not only is a great way to improve your health, but it truly helps you lose weight and improve muscle tone. But walking and running can get boring fast, plus they can be hard on some people’s joints.

Finding the perfect, fun cardio activity can be difficult, and it may feel frivolous, but if you can find some fun cardio ideas that you actually look forward to doing, whether it’s mountain biking alone or playing soccer in a huge mixed league, you will find it much easier to stay committed to a regular workout routine, and you will be a much happier person.

Fun Cardio Training Exercises

  • One of the best fun cardio exercises out there is swimming. This exercise not only helps your body burn fat, but it also helps to tone up your arms, legs, abs and chest. The best part about swimming is that it can be a fun and relaxing exercise. While finding a pool can at times be difficult, most community centers have lap pools for a fraction of the cost of a pricey gym.
  • Sammitch RideAnother great, fun exercise is biking. Stationery bikes can often times be a bore, but riding a bike on a real path, outdoors is a fun and effective exercise. With endless options of routes to ride, it is difficult to get bored. Being outdoors and site seeing is often a great distraction from the actual exercise that is taking place.
  • Roller skating and inline skating are a great way to get your legs moving but benefiting from a low-impact cardio workout. Skating rinks and sidewalks are great places to strap on your skates and get to work. Ice skating has similar cardiovascular benefits.
  • Another fun cardio idea is playing group sports in an organized league. The social factor will help you meet new people and hold you accountable to your workout. Most cities have soccer, baseball/softball, tennis, volleyball, and football leagues that people of all levels can join.
  • Gymnastics, boxing, and martial arts offer a full body workout that will also strengthen your muscles. Recreational classes are often available for interested adults.
  • One of the greatest workouts for the lower body and for cardiovascular health is running stairs. Find a great set of stairs at a local gym, outdoor park or even in your own apartment complex and start running. This is one of the more difficult and challenging workouts, but the payoff is worth it. Results tend to show up quick and the challenge is always there.

Finding any activity that you enjoy doing is key to keeping the workouts regular. Trying new things and finding a devoted partner to partake in these activities is another important factor in reaching your goals.

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