Cardio Workout Routines

Free Cardio Workout Videos Online

Cardio workout videos are very popular among all fitness levels. Cardio is the best thing you can do to boost metabolism and burn fat, whether you simply decide to stop there or use it as a precursor to your strength training workout. It is very easy, however, to find free cardio workout videos for all levels of experience. Even the most advanced trainers can find workouts to get their hearts pumping.

10 Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout

This cardio workout can be done with no equipment and limited space. It is a good place to start your workout or even just squeeze a quick one in if you are short on time. It does not require much skill, so beginners will feel right at home. The jumping exercises are intended to be low-impact, but those with joint problems may still want to use another video.

Joanna Hall: 5 minute cardio workout

This is a video clip of a 30 minute video, but the first 5 minutes shown are a very good warm up and low-intensity cardio for complete beginners. If you are finding it hard to keep up with the average video cardio workouts, then you may wish to start with something very low key like this. Repeat the same routine for twenty to thirty minutes to build up stamina. No equipment is necessary for this, either.

Cardiovascular Training – Cardio Workouts – Jumping Rope

This cardio workout video covers the basics of jumping rope, one of the all-time greatest cardio workouts available. You will need a high quality workout, but not a lot of skill or experience. If you ever jumped rope as a kid, you can pick up this workout quickly. It does, involve quite a bit of shock to the joints. Those with joint problems may wish to avoid this one.

4 min Fat Burning Cardio Workout w/ Exercise Bike

This cardio video is of a Tabata Interval Workout, which will jump-start your metabolism so you can burn fat very quickly. Now this particular video features an exercise bike, but the motions can also be mimicked on a treadmill or at home with no equipment (examples shown in the video.) This involves speed training for short burst of time, and the overall workout is only 4 minutes, making it a great regimen for beginners.

Total Body Toning Strength & HIIT Cardio Workout

This 30-minute long workout is amazing – it covers a wide range of interval workouts, both with weights and without. Even if you don’t have weights, though, you can still do every exercise in this video. Active “rest” periods and water breaks are included in the timing of this video, so you can follow along exactly with the instructor once she begins. This is a well-balanced workout plan that will give every major muscle group in your body a great workout.

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