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Easy Beginner Cardio Workouts for Everyone

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Many people are interested in getting into shape, which includes exercise, especially cardiovascular types.  Cardio workouts for beginners might seem intimidating, but in fact, they can be simple.  There are many easy cardio workouts to try.

Many people will make the mistake of beginning a cardio program to abruptly, and working out until they are worn out.  Though the distance and length of the workout may be short at first, if one keeps at it, they can gradually reach their goals.  Going slowly is a must, especially for people who have health problems, so that they do not cause their body too much stress, which can aggravate some chronic conditions.  One should always check with their doctor before beginning a new exercise routine, even a beginner cardio workout.  The doctor may even be able to provide their patient with tips to help them along their journey.

Easy Cardio Workouts

Easy cardio is good for those who are out of shape, because they can slowly reach better form without straining their body.  A beginner cardio workout routine  should start with something as easy as walking – not at a strolling pace, but at a brisk walk. Skipping, jumping, and intermittent jogging will also give your body a more comprehensive workout.

  • If one prefers something different from walking for their exercise, they can try other light cardiovascular activities.  Jogging and biking are activities that one can do outdoors or indoors on equipment.
  • Elliptical machines are another option for low-impact, indoor cardio training workouts.
  • If one enjoys being outdoors, they can try activities like hiking, cross country skiing or rock climbing.
  • Swimming, or aquatic exercise classes at your local gym, are extremely low-impact, while strengthening your body and being fairly fun.

The best thing about all these activities is that one is enjoying themselves so much; they will not even realize that they are exercising!  Many workout activities can be done along with family and friends, which can boost one’s motivation to continue their routine.  Keeping an activity journal can help, as can working with a personal trainer.

As an individual gets better at their exercises and boosts their body’s ability, they should try to aim for at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity each day.  One can add in additional activities like strength training to their workout to increase their fitness.  Pairing these routines with a healthy diet can help one achieve faster results if they are trying to lose weight.  Again, a doctor should be consulted when one wants to make drastic changes within their diet.

Just because one is currently out of shape does not mean that they have to stay that way.  Workouts to help increase heart function as well as overall body health do not need to be hard in order to be effective.

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