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Best Cardio for Abs Workouts

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Many man and women are realizing the importance of having healthy, lean bodies, flat stomachs, and strong abs. They wish to do away with their flabby bellies and acquire a more chiseled look. Obesity is one of the leading causes of health deterioration in today’s society, and studies have linked people who carry fat around the abdominal area as being more prone to heart attacks and other serious health problems.

A great way to get flat abs is by eating the right food, but even that is not enough. In order to successfully overcome excess fat and gain a great figure in the process you need to mix up your diet with a nice core strength exercise routine, namely a cardio ab workout.

Cardio ab workouts can give you many benefits. “Spot” fat reduction is impossible, but getting stronger abs will help you stand up straighter, and tone your belly, making you look thinner. Ab workouts are “core” workouts, which will also improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

The road to getting a flatter belly will not be easy, but it will definitely be worth all the sweat and tears that you will put into it. Here are a few guidelines that you should be aware of regarding cardio for abs workouts:

  1. Always do the correct kind of cardio workout. There are some workouts which may be able to burn away your fat faster than others, such as high intensity interval training. These workouts are a much better way of spending your time since they can help you workout your body at a harder and faster rate.
  2. Make a schedule for your ab workouts, and don’t deviate unless it is an emergency. You don’t have to do the same workout every day, and allow your muscles at least a day to rest after doing.
  3. Use a variety of exercises, and work all of the abdominal muscles. Remember that your abdominal muscles are more complicated than they may seem at first. Use machine, floor, standing, and resistance band ab exercises to prevent your body from adapting to the routine and not working as hard.

Best cardio for abs workouts

Any exercise that has you moving rapidly but also twisting or pulling up with your abs will be a good cardio workout for your abs, but here are some of the best examples.

  • Running – the most primitive, and yet, one of the most effective ways of burning away fats. This will not only burn away the flab from your belly, but it can also let work your entire body from head to toe. You can do this exercise indoors with a treadmill or outdoors for a breath of fresh air.
  • Jumping – use a jump rope or jump in place to get your heart rate up and your entire body, especially your abs and legs, working hard. Increase the difficulty on your abs by jumping and pulling your knees to your chest as you do so.
  • Alternate crunches, trunk twists, or standing crunches with running, jumping, stair climbing, or other intense cardio workout for a modified interval training workout, where the ab workouts are your “downtime” and the cardio workout is your “uptime”.

These are just a few of the many cardio workouts you can do to flatten your abs. Exercising and observing a proper diet is a better option than buying some exercise equipment with the words “cardio abs” printed on them.

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